Enjoy Complete Connectivity and Convenience with Your Mercedes-Benz Vehicle with the Mercedes Me App!

If you want to stay connected to your Mercedes-Benz vehicle at all times, get unparalleled control of your vehicle and take advantage of greater convenience than ever before when it comes to servicing and staying up to date on your vehicle, we encourage you to utilize the Mercedes Me app today! The Mercedes Me app works on many recent model year Mercedes-Benz vehicles and is an app that allows you to control functions of your vehicle, send directions and other information directly to your in-vehicle navigation system and learn important performance and servicing diagnostics wherever you are! When it comes to your Mercedes-Benz vehicle and the Mercedes Me app, you'll enjoy the most connected, convenient and controlled experience possible!

The Mercedes Me app provides you with remote access to different functions of your vehicle. With the app, you can unlock and lock your vehicle, turn on the alarm and lights and even start your vehicle with one click of a button, which will prove to be immensely helpful during the winter months in Shelburne, Burlington and South Burlington, as well as the hot muggy summers around Essex, Colchester and Plattsburgh, NY. The Send2Benz function allows you to remotely send an address to your in-vehicle navigation system, so you'll know exactly where to go once you get behind the wheel. You can also locate your vehicle wherever it is, learn where it's been using the Driving Journal function and you can even set a curfew on your vehicle to limit its use to family members or others that are using it when perhaps they shouldn't be. You can also use the Mercedes Me app to call roadside assistance, schedule a service appointment, access how-to videos, and much more!

If you have any questions about the Mercedes Me app or your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, we welcome you to join us at The Automaster Mercedes-Benz and we'll get you setup with everything you need to stay completely connected to your vehicle at all times with the Mercedes Me app!

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