Schedule Service Appointments with the Automaster Mercedes-Benz

When you've made the investment in the world-class luxury and sophisticated style of a Mercedes-Benz, you want that investment to go far and work well. The key to getting the most out of your vehicle is routine maintenance and service with the professionals who know your model better than anyone else, the service technicians at the Automaster Mercedes-Benz in Shelburne.

The experts in our service center are professionally trained and certified on Mercedes-Benz models. We know your high-end model better than your neighborhood garage mechanic, and we can diagnose and repair problems quicker. Not only that, but we know the exact types of routine maintenance your vehicle needs to keep performing at tiptop shape. From regular oil changes, to periodic tire rotations, to recurring fluid and filter replacements, we can perform all of the vital tasks that keep your Mercedes-Benz running the same as it did on day one.

Maintaining Your Luxury Vehicle Has Never Been Easier


At the Automaster Mercedes-Benz service center, we're not just committed to keeping your vehicle running great, we're also committed to making your life easier while we do it. That's why we offer convenient service center hours Monday through Friday, starting as early as 7AM. It's also why we save you time and effort, by allowing you to schedule your appointment at a time that works for your busy schedule. Time is valuable, and we want to see you get the most out of yours.

Using this convenient, online service appointment schedule form, you tell us the date and time that work best for you, and we'll do our best to accommodate your time. Best of all, you can complete this form from anywhere, so you can book your appointment when it's easy for you, and you can have your appointment when it works for you.

Use this form and make an appointment soon, and see all the ways we here at the Automaster Mercedes-Benz work to keep you coming back to see us again and again.